In complex BML documents it can be helpful to annotate your code explaining how things work. BML supports such comments with C-like line and block comments which are omitted from its output. You can place comments just about anywhere in a BML document.

Line comments

Line comments begin with two forward slashes and extend to the end of the line. In place of the comment, BML emits a single newline character.

// This comment will be omitted
This text will be included
// Line comments are turned into blank lines
comments // can also be at the end of a line

Line comments must be preceded or followed by a whitespace, or the beginning/end of the document. This is needed to allow writing things like URLs which include the // pattern.

Block comments

Multi-line comments are supported using /* ... */ syntax. All text between /* and */, including line breaks, is omitted from BML’s output. In place of the block comment, BML emits a single whitespace.

Multi-line comments
are neat

They are/* 
comment */converted to a space.